Optional services


Data exchange (book data, cover, interior) free of charge

Have you discovered spelling mistakes after publishing your book or would you like to make minor corrections to the book data, the cover or the inner part? We are happy to exchange these data for you free of charge (max. twice). After booking this package, please contact us at to find out what changes you would like to make. Data exchange is only possible if all other basic data (book format, page size, prices and commissions) remain the same. If the basic data changes, a new edition is necessary. You order a new edition via "My account => My books => Actions for this book => New edition".

Please understand that we can only provide this service twice free of charge for you and that there is no new e-book conversion included in the free data exchange. If you need a further data exchange, please book the package "Data exchange with e-book conversion" for £99.99. Then you will again have the opportunity to exchange your data twice and will also receive a new conversion of your book into an ebook!


Price: £ 0.00
All prices incl. VAT / sales tax

Data exchange with e-book conversion

If you have already used the free data exchange twice, it is necessary for a new data exchange that you pay £99.99 for the data exchange. The same applies if you would like to have your data converted again in an ebook. In both cases, please book the data exchange with costs.

Price: £ 99.99
All prices incl. VAT / sales tax